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May 6th, 2021

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What is an intervention order

People have a right to feel safe, whether at home, at the workplace, or among various types of relationships. If a person does not feel safe (Protected Person), because of another person’s (Respondent) violence or behaviour, the Protected Person can make an application to the nearest Magistrates Court to obtain a grant of an intervention order against the Respondent with conditions that spell out the types of behaviour that the Respondent is not allowed to express towards the Protected Person. The objective of the intervention order is to give clear directions to the Respondent what type of behaviour is not allowed such that the Protected Person can feel safe.


Who can apply for an intervention order?

The Protected Person or the Police on behalf of the Protected Person can apply for an intervention order.

Who can apply to be a Protected Person

  • Partner in a domestic relationship.
  • Children.
  • Parents.
  • Business owners.
  • Employees.
  • Neighbours.

However, having said that, please don’t everyone rush to apply for intervention orders unless you really feel unsafe and the intervention order is the last resort avenue.

How many people can be included in an intervention order

As many people as are necessary to be granted protection by an intervention order.

What is considered domestic violence?

Any form of abuse such as physical, emotional, psychological, financial, social, sexual that causes another person to fear for their safety or experience hurt, pain, injury.

What happens is someone request for an intervention order – the process and ‘the difficulty’ – reasons for hiring JKLawyers to assist

JK Lawyers process

  • Understand your circumstances, provide suggestions for immediate protection of self, assist with the (or advise you of how to make the) application.
  • JK Lawyers acting for the Respondent in an Intervention Order
  • It is important to obtain proper legal representation if you are a Respondent in an IVO.
  • JK Lawyers can assist with the advice on what are the conditions of the IVO – you’ll be surprised how many people did not understand the conditions, and then later committed a breach of the IVO, and faced further police action against them and the undesirable further consequences, all because they were initially uninformed.
  • JK Lawyers can assist and represent you if you have breached your IVO conditions and are facing further police action against you.

We have lawyers in the Team that can legally represent and assist you, provide you with advice. We take the time to understand, walk you through the tough and trying circumstances, speak on your behalf with the Police, and appear for you at court before the Magistrates.


Taking the next step and contacting a lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your matter with ease.