JK Lawyers has been practicing in this area for more than 20 years and is on the cutting edge of all things property.

Here at JK Lawyers, we are ready to assist you with a wide variety of Property matters, whether you are buying your very first home, increasing your property portfolio, are a developer planning to subdivide, looking for a new premises for your business, or putting your property on the market.

We represent clients in both residential and commercial conveyancing matters. We also regularly advise clients on Contracts of Sale and Vendor Statements, building contracts, solicitors’ certification for guarantors, structuring property ownership such as nominations or purchasing under a trust, foreign resident requirements, stamp duty implications, caveats, and related party transactions.

Our team consists of both property lawyers and conveyancers who work together to personally manage your matter and ensure that from start to finish you receive the right legal advice for your particular circumstances.

We appreciate that no two property transactions are the same. Irrespective of how simple or complex your matter may be, our experienced team will be able to identify a solution and bring things to a satisfying conclusion.

To find out more in regards to how we can help you, please refer to the following:

  • Conveyancing
  • Contracts
  • Other Types of Property Transactions
  • Subdivision and development

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Property contracts are often large and complex documents, but are an essential and inescapable part of property matters. Properly understanding how these documents operate is vital to protect your interests and avoid complications. JK Lawyers can assist with the following:

  • Contracts of Sale for a Vendor

  • JK Lawyers can prepare both the Contract of Sale and the Vendor Statement for the sale of property, and are experienced in drafting special conditions to cover the unique circumstances and needs of each vendor client. We can also advise as to all necessary property searches and certificates that will need to be included in the Vendor Statement in order to discharge the vendor’s disclosure obligations. JK Lawyers also specialises in the preparation of on-sale contracts.

  • Contracts of Sale for a Purchaser

  • JK Lawyers can review and provide legal advice regarding your rights and obligations according to the terms and conditions of the contract of sale, and also identify any areas of potential concern or risk that might arise based on the information disclosed by the vendor. We can also negotiate on your behalf to amend the contract in order to better protect your interests.

    Additionally, JK Lawyers can also prepare or advise on ancillary documents such as licence to occupy, nominations, directors guarantees, and on-sale deeds.


Whether you are buying or selling a property, JK Lawyers is here to look after you and make the whole process as smooth as possible. We are knowledgeable as to the entire conveyancing process, regularly communicate with you, and always mindful of deadlines.

There are many hazards in every conveyancing matter. It is important for you to have an experienced team of property experts to represent you and identify any potential issues so that your interests can be protected.

From the signing of the Contract of Sale to the settlement date, we will manage all aspects of the transaction, such as liaising with banks, brokers, selling and managing agents, preparing documentation, including necessary forms and the statement of adjustments, and attending to settlement. For those not using a bank, we also provide additional services such as, drawing of bank cheques on your behalf, assessment of stamp duty, and lodgement with Land Victoria.

JK Lawyers has full functionality for electronic conveyancing using the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) digital property network and is prepared for the progression towards a paperless conveyancing system.

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There are a myriad of circumstances that can give risk to property transactions that are outside of the usual conveyancing process. Such as:

  • Related party transfers

  • Transfers between persons related and or associated with each other.

  • Legal personal representative transfer

  • Transfers from a deceased person to the executor of the estate to allow for sale or distribution in accordance with a Will.

  • Trust structures and ownership

  • For good reason, property can be owned by individuals or in the name of other legal structures, such as trusts, companies, incorporated associations, or charities.

  • Changing the nature of ownership

  • Getting the ownership of property right is important for taxation, inheritance and minimising exposure to the risk of being sued.

JK Lawyers are familiar with these different types of property transactions. We have the expertise to explain the different options, advise you of the implications, and help you to make the best decision for your circumstances.

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Property development is an exciting project that may be small scale or large and complex in nature. It usually involves many steps and sometimes there are multifaceted requirements to be satisfied.

JK Lawyers has previously assisted individuals, companies, and church organisations to navigate through the different stages of the development and construction process. From choosing a competent builder, to advising and drafting construction contracts, even meeting the requirements for planning and building permits, and finally preparing the subdivision application for lodgement with the Land Titles Office to obtain the individual titles for each subdivided lots or strata titled property.


Taking the next step and contacting a lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your matter with ease.