Disputes and conflict are an inevitable part of life. Conflict can occur out of a disagreement between two or more parties where they have their own vested interests. There are many types of conflicts: Conflict between individuals (family, friends or acquaintances) such occurs when one feel threatened as to one’s value, or one has different

When purchasing a property, there are numerous options of ownership that can be explored. Two such options are to become joint tenants or tenants in common. Whilst at first it may seem as if they offer the same rights regarding the ownership rights of both parties, there is a major differentiating factor between these forms

It is now 2020, and technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Majority of our communication and correspondences are undertaken via electronic means, whether by email, text, or various social media. Unfortunately, this means that we are open to a greater number of sources who can contact us electronically, especially marketers –


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